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Reinvent is a Vienna University of Technology spin-off company, founded by a group of software engineers and researchers. Reinvent is a young and dynamic company focusing on IT consulting, development and innovation. Our core expertise covers areas of Cloud Computing, Social Computing, Internet of Things and Blockchain Technologies, which is delivered by a mix of highly skilled system architects, software engineers and researchers.

With an extensive experience in working on numerous research and industrial projects, our mission is to bring a new perspective and innovative solutions to your problems!

Development & Consulting Services

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is the latest evolutionary step of the Internet, bringing billions of sensing and actuation devices online. More importantly, the connected devices provide invaluable data which is being exploited world-wide, in both private and public sectors, in order to provide better insights and optimize variety of business processes, but it also serves as a backbone of Smart Cities. To enable adopting new or improving your current IoT strategy on a company- or city-scale, we can support you with:

  • Developing added-value IoT applications with your existing infrastructure
  • Guiding you through the entire process of connecting IoT devices and setting up IoT infrastructure
  • Providing data analytics services to exploit full power of available data
  • Developing solutions for remote management of the existing IoT infrastructure

Reinvent provides consulting and development services to help you exploit your IoT infrastructure and data to their full potential, by delivering secure, sustainable and agile solutions in your IoT ecosystem.

We have a track record working with a variety of IoT technologies, as well as with cutting edge, open source data analytics and machine learning frameworks.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has become mainstream and a de-facto standard for running scalable and dependable applications across many industries. Cloud has helped numerous local and global businesses to simplify their IT operations and significantly lower their upfront investment costs. If you are also considering:

  • Starting a green grass Cloud project
  • Building highly scalable and elastic Cloud-native services
  • Introducing Serverless (Function-as-a-Service) solutions to your application stack
  • Bursting legacy applications in the Cloud and evolving to Microservices architecture

Reinvent provides consulting and development services to deliver truly Cloud-native applications that are inherently elastically scalable, performant and agile.

We have years of experience working with different Cloud providers, such as AWS and OpenStack. We have also great experience working with a large number of Cloud technologies at IaaS, PaaS and SaaS levels.

Blockchain Technologies

Blockchain is the "Next Big Thing" and it is rapidly becoming a mainstream technology. During the last couple of years, many global businesses have started to exploit Blockchain to gain a competitive edge. If you are looking to utilize Blockchain’s transparent trust model, decentralized information management or smart contracts, we can help you to:

  • Design and develop fully decentralized, Blockchain-native applications (DAPPS)
  • Exploit the full power of Smart Contracts, within your existing application
  • Develop your own Blockchain token/coin or bootstrap a cryptocurrency
  • Guide you through the whole process of an ICO

Reinvent offers a complete end-to-end consulting and development services to deliver Smart Contracts and truly Blockchain-native applications.

We have extensive experience working with Ethereum platform, its full software stack and ERC20 Token Standard. We have also worked with several ICOs.

Research & Innovaton

Collaborative Computing

Sharing economy has significantly shaped our society in recent years, allowing common people to engage in ad hoc business transactions to their benefit. The emerging socio-technical collaborative platforms are expected to cause an even more disruptive societal change, by providing the technological foundation for citizens to engage in more complex, decentralized and accountable collaborative activities, and ultimately the development of new business models to exploit them.

We at Reinvent have been very active in this area, having developed or contributed to a range of algorithms, models and software tools for collaborative computing platforms, such as:

virtualization and communication middleware
high level programming models and domain-specific languages
incentive and rewarding frameworks
team matching and negotiation algorithms
reputation and trust management
privacy and data protection

IoT and Edge Computing

Edge Computing extends the versatility and power of Cloud Computing by placing and reusing untapped data processing and storage nodes at the Internet’s edge. Bringing the processing in close proximity to sensors, mobile and other IoT devices allows for a higher context awareness, reduced latency and general QoS improvements. Combined with the virtually unlimited computational and storage capabilities of the traditional Cloud model, the Edge Computing paradigm lends itself perfectly for supporting various Smart City IoT and mobile applications, thus attracting a significant industry and research interest at the moment.

The Reinvent team works on researching, designing and developing solutions that allow for a tighter and more efficient integration of the Cloud, IoT and Edge Computing paradigms. We have developed a number of prototype and full-stack solutions to:

abstract and virtualize the heterogeneous software and hardware resources of the IoT and Edge devices
enable uniform provisioning and access to the virtualized Edge/IoT resources from the high-level programming languages
perform runtime operational governance of IoT/Edge devices
facilitate consumption of Edge/IoT computing services in a utility fashion
do serverless real-time data analytics across hybrid Cloud+Edge systems

Latest Hot Topic

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Combines state-of-the-art research with cutting-edge industrial developments.
Outlines a research road map for future Smart Cities, integrating different ICT research areas.

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Reinvent experts have an extensive combined experience working with different industries, such as Manufacturing, Home & City Digitalization and Fintech. Our team has also been actively involved in a number of successful EU-funded projects.

Exploiting Aggregated Open Data From Smart Cities For The Future Internet Society


Testing Cyber-Physical Systems under Uncertainty: Systematic, Extensible and Configurable Model-Based and Search-Based Testing Methodologies


A Joint Cloud Computing Lab between Pacific Controls LLC, Dubai, UAE and the Distributed Systems Group of the TU Vienna, Austria


SmartSociety: A Software Toolset for Human-Machine Workflows


Smart hoMes for All – An Embedded Middleware Platform for Pervasive and Immersive Environments for-All


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